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Candodetails Head Light Restoration Services

Candodetails Head Light Restoration Services

Headlight Restoration

Delta Kits also specializes in headlight restoration.


What is a Delta Kits headlight restoration?
Headlight restoration is the affordable alternative to headlight replacement. Headlight restoration involves cleaning, sanding, and polishing your headlight lens to remove contamination, then applying a clear protective coating to keep your headlights looking and performing like new. When properly executed, the headlight restoration process will restore the original lighting performance of the headlight and improve the cosmetic appearance. Delta Kits specializes in headlight restoration. WE DO NOT REPLACE HEADLIGHTS.

What are the benefits of a Delta Kits headlight restoration?

  • Increase the effectiveness of your headlights by making them look and work like new. Maintain a safe environment for occupants in your vehicle through ample headlight performance. We guarantee your satisfaction and an improvement in the performance.
  • It’s the environmentally responsible choice. The waste generated from a typical headlight restoration weighs less than 6 ounces. While a typical headlight replacement generates more than 5 pounds of waste per pair! That’s more than 13 times as much waste as a headlight restoration!
  • Your car is in safe hands. For more than 25 years, Candodetails Mobile has been serving Val Verde County vehicle owners. All Delta Kits headlight restoration technicians are factory trained and use only the highest quality products to restore your headlights.

What causes headlights to become discolored?
Most new headlights are made of polycarbonate, which is more susceptible to environmental factors than glass. Pollution, humidity, acid rain, cleaning chemicals, salt, road debris and sunlight all contribute to the oxidation of the protective coating placed on the lens by the manufacturer. In extreme cases, the oxidation will completely deteriorate the original protective coating and damage the surface of the lens itself. Call Mike Steed at 830-309-8822 for more information.

What does the process involve?
In most cases, a headlight restoration can be completed in two hours or less. Full cure takes about one day. After your service is complete, please do not wash your vehicle for 24 hours.

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